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The "Balance" course for bartenders offered by Black Pepper & Basil is the perfect course to learn how to create classic cocktails using several different approaches/methods in a professional bar environment, where the whole bar atmosphere surrounds you.

Throughout the 25 hour course, students will learn how to balance different types of cocktails using an array of techniques, how to recognize different spirits in the market and learn the best ways of using them, and how to work with and make their own sugar syrups and purees, as well as other essential techniques to work as a modern bartender.




Other courses and trainings

Our bar and our bartender team is available for brand presentations and product releases. Custom cocktails produced by Black Pepper & Basil are the best way to show-off the full potential and quality of your drinks. We have partnerships with several internationally recognized brands such as Schweppes, Johnny Walker, Zacapa, Libbey amongst others, and we have the experience needed to raise awareness and make your products known.

If your staff needs training in the beverage department, Black Pepper & Basil has several programs available for you. Whether it be specific training, for example “portuguese wines”, “whisky” or “gin cocktails”, or broader aspects of preparing and serving drinks, our trainers can visit you in your own location or we invite your team to come to our space for professional training completely adapted to your needs.

Black Pepper & Basil’s private bar is the perfect stage for masterclasses and presentations for some of the best producers, master blenders and bartenders in the world. If you would like to do a product presentation in our space please get in touch. If you would like to learn more about some of the best drinks available on the market… Keep an eye out on our calendar to stay up to date on all the events coming up this year!

Our specialized workshops are the perfect solution for your professional development. Mini training sessions about several different themes in the hospitality and bar industry, technique and equipment showcases and talks geared for bartenders and owners are just a few of the workshops we have available. Dates available on our calendar.

Professional Training

All the best bars and restaurantsin the world have something in common:An experienced and well trained staff.

At Black Pepper & Basil we offer several solutions for the training of your staff, including spirits and wine training sessions, workshops and our Balance course, a professional cocktail course for bartenders.

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