Wine and Barware Shop

Physical Shop

Since the opening of our physical shop in 2015 we have a space where anyone who's interested in drinks and hospitality industry professionals can have access to the best barware, drinks and wine of the highest quality. A space where our expert team can advise customers, organize events and tastings and share the extent of the unique product list of Black Pepper & Basil.

Online Shop

With the opening of our online shop in 2018 anyone, whether it being a hospitality industry professional or just a bar lover, can browse through the products available in our shop from anywhere in the world, with fast delivery available in Portugal and all over Europe. With the addition of these new branch to our services we can quickly and efficiently offer on-trade prices and organize deliveries, including pallets. Black Pepper & Basil's experience from the comfort of your home or office.

Distribution to Bars and Restaurants

We offer in the Lisbon area a Drinks and Barware distribution service, with deliveries at least twice a week and emergency delivery service available.

With a unique product list and experienced, always available staff, we are the perfect partner for your Bar and Restaurant.



We work with several nationally and internationally recognized brands as official representatives for the whole country or for the Lisbon area, with the goal of creating a list of exclusive products following the best quality and exclusivity standards. We are available to discuss any exclusive representation proposal for wine producers, spirits, barware and any other products related to the hospitality industry.

Import and Export

Always looking to bring new and exciting products into the Portuguese market, we are interested in niche producers and suppliers in Europe, the Americas and Asia to create partnerships and increase our spirits and barware offer. If you are on the look-out for a product that is not currently available on the Portugese market, we are available to discuss any options and figure out the ideal solution for your business.

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