About us

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Black Pepper and Basil is a unique drinks company offering a vast array of services, for individuals and businesses, always performed with the highest quality standards.

This trait of the company differentiates it from any of its "competitors", both in Portugal and anywhere else in the world.

Together with the vast professional experience of the founders and combined with a variety of skills, Black Pepper & Basil is well equipped to train and give guidance to people already in the hospitality industry, promote pleasant and informative workshops anywhere (customer's house, company or even at an event), provide consulting to companies that wish to renovate and recreate their offer and supply cocktails in events throughout the entire country.

What is different about Black Pepper & Basil?

We know how to work in this fast-paced and rapidly developing industry.

Possibility of renting our private bar for events or presentations, including the use of our live-streaming and multimedia systems.

We understand both the customer and the owner, and what is important to each of them.

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Some of our services

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